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Mod Name: More Blocks
Mod Folder Name: moreblocks
Mod Type: New Content
Author: Calinou


More Blocks is a mod created by Calinou which adds several decorative blocks to the game.


Moreblocks stonebrick.png Stone Bricks Moreblocks stonesquare.png Stonesquare Moreblocks splitstonesquare.png Split Stonesquare
Moreblocks plankstone.png Plankstone Moreblocks coalstone.png Coalstone Moreblocks ironstone.png Ironstone
Moreblocks coalglass.png Coal Glass Moreblocks ironglass.png Iron Glass Moreblocks glowglass.png Glowglass
Moreblocks superglowglass.png Super Glowglass Moreblocks junglewood.png Jungle Wooden Planks Moreblocks junglewood fence.png Jungle Wood Fence
Moreblocks coalchecker.png Coal Checker Moreblocks ironchecker.png Iron Checker Moreblocks cactuschecker.png Cactus Checker
Moreblocks cactusbrick.png Cactus Brick Moreblocks rope.png Rope Moreblocks ironstonebrick.png Iron Stone Bricks
Moreblocks trapstone.png Trapstone Moreblocks trapglass.png Trapglass Moreblocks horizontaltree.png Horizontal Tree
Moreblocks horizontaljungletree.png Horizontal Jungle Tree Moreblocks emptybookshelf.png Empty Bookshelf Moreblocks cleanglass.png Clean Glass
Moreblocks circlestonebrick.png Circle Stone Bricks Moreblocks allfacestree.png All Faces Tree Moreblocks wood tile.png Wooden Tile


Moreblocks junglestick.png Jungle Stick Moreblocks sweeper.png Sweeper
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