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Version 0

Undefinable terrain

Had horrible terrain generation. But at least terrain could be generated.

Version 0.0

The first trees
More trees

Trees were added in, but they were very basic.

Version 1

The first official mapgen

As one can see, water was added in.

Version 2 dev3

Mapgen 2 dev3

Mountains were made more pronounced and ore generation was better. Although this was a development version.

Version 2 dev4

Mapgen 2 dev4

Things were tuned a little better.

Version 2

Mapgen 2 dev3 biome

Beaches were included and sand finally spawned.

Version 3 "3d noise"

A giant cliff

3D noise is used to generate this terrain.

Version 4

Mapgen 4 biome

More tweaking.

Version 5

Mapgen 5

Official map generation for version 0.3.1.

Latest Dev

Latest Dev Mapgen

As of 0.4.0, map generation is much faster.

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