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Smelting (also called Cooking) is the act of producing refined goods in Minetest via the Furnace. Items are smelted by adding a fuel (flammable object) into the bottom left box and an item to be smelted in the upper left box within the furnace menu.


The following can currently be used as fuel in the Furnace. Most items in the default game take 3 seconds to be smelted.

Node Burning time (seconds) Items smelted per block/item
32px Coal Block 370 123 + 1/3
Bucket lava.png Lava Bucket 60 20
Lava.png Lava Source 60 20
Coal.png Coal Lump 40 13 + 1/3
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf 30 10
Tree.png Tree 30 10
Wooden Door.png Door 30 10
Chest.png Chest 30 10
Chest lock.png Locked Chest 30 10
Jungletree.png Jungle Tree 30 10
Cactus.png Cactus 5 5
Fence.png Fence 15 5
Wooden Planks.png Wooden Planks 7 2 + 1/3
32px Junglewood Planks 7 2 + 1/3
Sign.png Sign 10 3 + 1/3
Sapling.png Sapling 10 3 + 1/3
32px Jungle Sapling 10 3 + 1/3
Ladder.png Ladder 5 1 + 2/3
Apple.png Apple 3 1
Leaves.png Leaves 1 0.5
32px Jungle Leaves 1 0.5
Papyrus.png Papyrus 1 0.5
Nyancat.png Nyan Cat 1 0.5
Nyancat rainbow.png Nyan Cat Rainbow 1 0.5


Input Furnace Output Description
Sand.png Sand Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Glass.png Glass Used as decoration.
Desert sand.png Desert Sand Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Glass.png Glass Used as decoration.
Obsidian shard.png Obsidian Shard Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Obsidian glass.png Obsidian Glass Used as decoration.
Cobblestone.png Cobble Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Stone.png Stone Used as decoration.
Iron.png Iron Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Steel ingot.png Steel Ingot Used for crafting several items.
Clay Lump.png Clay Ball Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Clay Brick.png Clay Brick Used to craft bricks.
Gold Lump.png Gold Lump Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Gold Ingot.png Gold ingot Used for crafting Gold Block.
Rat.png Rat Arrow.png Furnace.png Arrow.png Cooked rat.png Cooked Rat Can be eaten. Heals Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png of health.
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