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This article is about previous updates to the Minetest engine.

A (?) denotes guesswork, possibly incorrect information.

Version Date of Addition Addition/Changes Summary
0.3.1 Alpha November 9, 2011

New Features:

  • Add occlusion culling (improves performance a lot)
  • Add “3d clouds” on/off checkbox in main menu
  • Add “opaque water” on/off checkbox
  • Add Command-line signal handler for Windows (contributed by SpeedProg)


  • Fix frustum culling (previous versions have rendered too much stuff that is not actually visible (about 180 degrees, while should have been more like 100.))
  • Fix some random minor stuff
  • Turn mipmapping off (This makes far-away textures a bit noisier but better looking)
  • Fix network layer segmentation fault introduced in
  • Fix water-glass and water-lava and lava-glass surfaces
0.3.0 Alpha November 1, 2011

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Modify dungeon masters to only try to shoot players
  • Fix object duplication bug at block load/unload
  • Improve network layer
0.2.2 Pre-Alpha November 1, 2011


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