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This is a list of all possible commands for the player to use in the "chat" box in-game. Arguments in <> are required whereas arguments in [] are optional.

  • /help [command] - Shows help about a specific command, if there is no argument, shows a command list based on available privileges.
  • /me <action> - IRC-style action in chat.
  • /status - Get server status: version, uptime, player list, message of the day.
  • /mods - Get the list of mods installed on the server.
  • /pulverize - Destroys the item currently in hand. Can be used by any player.
  • /privs [name] - Show privileges of "name", if not specified, shows your privileges.

  • /grant <name> <privilege> - Give a privilege to someone. Requires the "privs" privilege.
  • /revoke <name> <privilege> - Take away a privilege from someone. Requires the "privs" privilege.
  • /teleport <x>,<y>,<z> | <target_player> | <player_to_teleport> <target_player> - Teleport to given position or player. Requires the 'teleport' privilege. Teleporting players to you requires the "bring" privilege.
  • /time <time> - Set time-of-day. 0 and 24000 is midnight, 18000 is sunset, 6000 is day. (hour * 1000). Requires the "settime" privilege.
  • /set -n time_speed N <speed> - Set the speed of day-night cycle where N is the time speed (read as "N times slower than in real life"). 72 is the default, which means a day-night cycle lasts 20 minutes by default.
  • /giveme [mod:]<item> [count] - Give certain item to yourself. For a list of items to use this with, see the Item Codes page.
  • /give <player> [mod:]<item> [count] - Give certain item to the player.
  • /shutdown - Shuts down the server. This can only be done by the user called "name" in the server's minetest.conf, or, as of 0.4.0, the "server" privilege.
  • /clearobjects - Clears all objects/entities (removes all dropped items and mobs). Note this may crash the server or slow it down insanely for about 30 to 60 seconds.
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