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Minetest servers allow players to play online with other people. They can be run from a dedicated server, a Virtual Private Server or a home computer. This is not a list of servers, please see the Minetest Forum servers section or the Minetest Server List instead.


Server Setup

  • Setting up a server in such a way so that others may connect to it via the internet takes some time, and a little technical know-how.
  • Netbooks and Notebooks generally don't make for good server machines due to the fact that they typically have lower-end hardware.
  • Do not attempt to host a sizeable (over a few people) server on a wireless network, use a wired network instead.

See the server setup tutorial for a full explanation on setting up your own server.

Server Configuration

For a detailed explanation of the server configuration file, see the minetest.conf page.

Server Commands

See the server commands for a list of useful commands and a description on how to use them.

Also see item codes for item codes for use with the /give and /giveme commands.

Privilege System

See the privileges page for detailed information on the privilege system.

Server List

Click here for a server list. You can also check the Servers section of the Minetest forum here.

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