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This article is about outdated features that have been removed.

  These features only exist in older versions of Minetest.  

Minetest had very few mobs before the 0.4.0 version.


Dungeon Master

Dungeon master1.png Dungeon master2.png The dungeon master is an extremely powerful mob, spawning in dark places only on stone that shoots devastating fireballs at its opponents. Taking approximately 15 hits without a weapon to kill, running into one of these unprepared is a death sentence. A wooden sword will kill in 7 hits, a stone sword will take 5 hits, and a steel sword will take only 4 hits. Touching them will cause your player to lose Half heart.png, taking a hit from a fireball will deal Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf heart.png damage. Dungeon Masters spawn underground and above ground and can destroy any block including chests, furnaces and locked chests.


Oerkki1.png Oerkki1 damaged.png The oerkki are hostile mobs that appear only in dark places. They only spawn underground, never above ground (even at night). They are not very menacing, as they will hover around and do Heart.png damage, but will retreat if punched a few times with any tool/weapon (even bare hands).


Rat.png Rats can be cooked and eaten to restore health. They can also be picked up and placed on the ground.


Firefly.png Fireflies are currently useless. You can currently only pick them up and release them, they only spawn if the server has the "experimental" setting set to true.

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