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In order to keep Minetest Wiki free of spam and unnecessary items, there are a few rules you must follow when editing and creating pages:

  1. Spam/vandalism is an absolute no-no.
  2. Articles about very simple things ("House", "Deleting", etc.) are not allowed. These topics are very unnecessary as they are plain tasks anybody with a tiny bit of intelligence can do.
  3. When creating an article, include as much text as possible and, preferably, an image. Pages that don't meet these requirements may be removed without warning for lack of content.
  4. Personal insults are NOT allowed.
  5. Articles about people are only allowed if the person in question is part of, or very closely related to the development of Minetest.
    1. Pages in the User: namespace are exempt from this.
  6. Stick to the facts - don't create parody/comedic/nonsense/hoax articles or articles that could mislead players.
    1. This includes content based on speculation!
  7. Gameplay strategies, guides, how-tos, etc., should be subarticles of Tutorials (for example, Tutorials/Getting Started).
    1. These pages may be linked from other articles as long as they are related to the article.
    2. This includes any navigational features of blocks, items or textures.
  8. Articles created for the purpose of advertising specific servers are not allowed. Instead please add your server to the Minetest Servers Site.
  9. Articles about fan communities are not allowed due to advertising issues and stuff like that.
  10. Please add a summary to all of your edits - this will make the wiki a lot more organized.
  11. Always sign your posts on talk pages with ~~~~.
  12. Do not directly copy and paste over articles from other wikis that discuss Minetest.
  13. Linking to videos is not allowed.
  14. We are not a file-hosting service. If an image is uploaded and not integrated into a useful article soon after, we reserve the right to delete it without notice. Using our hosting for GUI screenshots, userspace images and general wiki-related images is allowed.
    1. Player skins are allowed to be hosted, provided they are integrated into your userspace or the Skin article as soon as possible. Skins that aren't used after a reasonable period of time may be deleted without notice.
  15. When adding screenshots to an article, make sure the screenshots use vanilla textures and UI. Screenshots that use custom texturepacks, UI mods and other custom content are not allowed.
    1. This rule does not apply to articles covering mods.
  16. Abusing multiple accounts will not be tolerated.
    1. Unacceptable usernames will be blocked indefinitely. Independent actions against IPs may be considered, depending on the severity.

Please note: Articles in the User: namespace can be used for anything, provided rules 1, 4, 12 and 16 are still followed.

Exceptions to these rules may be made on a case-by-case basis; permission for an exception should be requested through the Contact Form.

Thank you for following these rules.

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