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Welcome to the Minetest Wiki! Most of you reading this are probably newcomers, so here are the basic standards of editing:

  • Use proper grammar and spelling! (or someone else will have to fix it.)
  • Verify all of your information! (or it will be deleted.)
  • No personal opinions/insults! (or you will be reported.)
  • No spamming! (or you will be blocked.)

Follow these rules and you will have followed all the official rules. If you are interested in helping out in the wiki, head on over to the Projects page. If you want to police the wiki for vandals, trot right down to the recent changes page!

If you are unsure about something please start a discussion on the associated discussion page.

Finally, some common Minetest Wiki specific editing etiquette:

  • Try to avoid making a trivia section. If you can, split it up into smaller bits that make it easier to identify info.
  • Generally, speculation is unnecessary and unprofessional.
  • Maintain a good writing quality.

Thank you and welcome.

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