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The wiki still needs a lot of work, please help contribute!
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Welcome to the Minetest-c55 Wiki! Welcome to the Minetest-c55 wiki! This is an un-official wiki until celeron55 agrees to make it an official wiki!

Please excuse the mess while we get ourselves in order around here.

We currently have 162 articles.

About Minetest-c55

Minetest is a sandbox building game, inspired somewhat by Infiniminer but mostly by Minecraft, created by Perttu "celeron55" Ahola. The gameplay is very similar to Minecraft's, consisting of creating and destroying blocks in a local or online 3D environment.

Minetest is a Free and Open Source Software, released under the GPL. It was done this way to be more readily available to Linux users, and so that random people (like you!) could fix bugs and experiment effectively. Download it today and get started!




Getting Started

New to minetest? Need help with the basics? See this page to get started!


Here is a list of all known crafting recipes.


All known fuels and smeltable items.


A detailed list of all the various blocks available in Minetest.


A detailed list of all the various items available in Minetest.


A detailed list of all the various friendly and hostile creatures found in Minetest.

Useful Pages

Configuration File

Information regarding the configuration file used by minetest.

Set-Up Your Own Server

Detailed instructions on setting up your own server.

Server Commands

All known server commands.


Information regarding the privilege system.


Info on numerous user-created mods that alter gameplay.

Installing Mods

How to install Minetest mods

Using Texture Packs

Info on creating and installing Textures.


History of Minetest

An awesome story detailing the history of Minetest.


English IRC: freenode.net #minetest

Finnish IRC: IRCnet #minetest

Development Resources

Please see the Developer's Wiki for development related issues.

If you are interested in contributing please see the Engine Development page.


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