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|Required to mine [[stone]]-based [[blocks]].
|Required to craft other tools or to make [[Mese Crystal Fragment]]s.
[[Category:Raw Materials]]
[[Category:Raw Materials]]

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Mese Block
Type Solid Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Inflammable No
Generated Yes
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (99)
What Mese used to look like between 0.4_20120408 and 0.4_20120603.

Mese Blocks are a rare material, found mostly deep underground. A single Mese block can be crafted to nine Mese Crystals or it can be used as a long-living furnace fuel

Quote from the Developer Wiki:

  The origin of the block is just plain random. In the early days of the game I [celeron55] needed to add something to be mined from the ground, and ended up with this humorous nonsense block, and haven't removed it from the game from since.

Mese actually means "msn messenger" in Finland and is used as a silly word (it sounds silly) in the ohjelmointiputka programming community. Additionally it is thought that the glasses of the emoticons 8) and 8D are "mese glasses".  


Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Mese Crystal Mese Block
Mese crystal.png


Required to craft other tools or to make Mese Crystal Fragments.
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