Map Generator Evolution

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Version 0

Undefinable terrain

Had horrible terrain generation. But at least terrain could be generated.

Version 0.0

The first trees
More trees

Trees we're added in, but they were basic and ugly.

Version 1

The first official mapgen

As you can see "water" was added in, but it was not real water.

Version 2 dev3

Mapgen 2 dev3

Mountains were made more pronounced and ore generation was better. Although this was a development version.

Version 2 dev4

Mapgen 2 dev4

Things were tuned a little better

Version 2

Mapgen 2 dev3 biome

Beaches were included and sand finally spawned

Version 3 "3d noise" dev1

A giant cliff

3D noise is used to generate this terrain. Its pretty insane.

Version 4

Mapgen 2 dev4 biome
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