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At first Celeron55 had nothing. Just a knowledge of game design and a dream. He watched Minecraft take form. But there was something that wasn't right. In all of Minecraft's glory, it had left someone out. The little guy. People with less powerful PCs that could only stare and watch Minecraft slowly melt their PCs. This angered Celeron, so much to the point where one day he sat at his computer, watched Minecraft magestically fry his pc, and thought "I could do better." So he did, writing page by page he slowly began to create a game. He saw that this worked fantastic and so it was. But the first few months were tough, 0.0.1 was buggy, featureless, and bland. There was nothing but dirt,grass, and stone as far as the eye could see. Yet, it had infinite potential. Now lets skip ahead a couple months to 0.3.1. Now there are many more blocks in the world to create! There's a forum which the community can talk to eachother is in. Official servers begin to open up. All is great! But then came along 0.4-dev. This brought along a ground breaking feature; Lua mod support. Lua worked so well for making mods that the actual default game was pushed into it! This not only made the game more moddable, but it introduced infinite possibilities for mods! Soon mods like nukes, houses, animals, and mesecons (redstone) started appearing. It was like someone jump started the game again! Suddenly, a sun and moon, a new default texture pack, sound support and doors appeared in 0.4-dev! This sparked even more interest from other people, making the community grow even bigger. As of now Minetest 0.4 is still in development phase but it will be pushed into 0.4 stable phase soon. So expect to see many new features when it comes out.

But enough about Minetest's history.

Now there's one thing we would like to ask you.

With an infinite world of creativity at your finger tips...

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