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Basic Controls

Most of these can be changed in the "Change Keys" menu.

W/A/S/D: Move
Space: Jump
Left mouse button: Attack, mine blocks, move a stack of blocks/items in inventory
Right mouse button: Use (open chest/furnace), place blocks, drop item, move one or split blocks/items in inventory
Middle mouse button: Move 10 blocks/items in inventory
Mouse wheel: Select block/item in hotbar
1-9: Select block/item in hotbar
Q: Drop block/item
I: Inventory
T: Chat
Shift: Descend on ladders or when flying, sneak/walk slower
R: Far view (allows viewing far away, slower)
K: Fly mode (requires "fly" privilege)
J: Fast mode (requires "fast" privilege)
E: Walk fast (if fast mode is on)
F10: Console/chat log
F12: Screenshot (.png format)

Special Controls

These cannot be changed in the "Change Keys" menu.

F1: Show/hide HUD
F2: Show/hide chat
F3: Show/hide fog
F4: Enable/disable camera updates
F5: Enable/disable debug screen
F6: Enable/disable profiler
+ (numpad): Increase minimal view distance
- (numpad): Decrease minimal view distance

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