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Blocks are the building blocks in Minetest. Similar to Minecraft they are 16x16 and in-game are seen by the player as one cubic meter.

Naturally Generated

These blocks occur naturally in a generated map.

Stone.png Stone
Mud.png Dirt
Grass.png Grass
Sand.png Sand
Desert sand.png Desert Sand
Desert stone.png Desert Stone
Gravel.png Gravel
Tree.png Tree
Wooden Planks.png Wood
Leaves.png Leaves
Jungletree.png Jungle Tree
Water.png Water
Lava.png Lava
Fire.png Fire
Coal ore.png Coal Ore
Iron ore.png Iron Ore
Mese.png Mese
Mossycobble.png Mossy Cobble

Manufactured Blocks

These blocks are not found naturally, these must be crafted by the player.

Cobblestone.png Cobble
Clay.png Clay
Brick.png Brick
Sandstone.png Sandstone
Steel block.png Steel Block
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf
Chest.png Chest
Chest lock.png Locked Chest
Furnace.png Furnace
Glass.png Glass
Fence.png Fence

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